Mitov Studio


UniCredit Fleet Management

Explainer video for one of UniCredit’s business services March 2022 Overview Motion graphic presenting UniCredit’s Fleet Management service and its benefits. Design System We used for reference a complete graphic from UniCredit’s website and made the additional graphics for the video in the same style Storyboard After we completed […]

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Pharmaworks Explainer Video

Explainer video for healthcare solutions for businesses February 2022 Mood board & References We used stock characters with custom illustrations and icons in a simple flat style. Storyboard After we completed the script, I made a quick visual representation of each scene Scenes Motion Design Some scenes from the […]

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TBI Buy – Merchants Cabinet

Motion graphic that explains the competitive features of a commerce app December 2021 Full Project on Behance Overview We were given the task to create an engaging motion graphic which showcases TiBuy’s features in an approachable way – each of them was to be represented with a custom character. The […]

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InspectHOA Motion

A short motion graphic for a PropTech startup July 2021 Overview We first provided handplayed with the background and messaging we wanted to deliver in the video. They took that and came back with the video’s first version. They also did a voice recording to go with it, which […]

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Easier Explainer Video

Explainer video for a freelance platform September 2020 Overview Motion graphic used to advertise a freelance platform and explaining its key advantages. The goal is to attract more potential users and boost the brand awareness. Storyboard The video shows a way to earn money with a unique business strategy.

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Atelieto Branding

Web Design and Branding for a local sewing services business April 2020 View Website (Web) Certificate Overview Atelieto is a local sewing business that offers services mainly for men’s fashion. The Goal & Motivation Our goal – increasing the revenue of the business. It can be tough for local brands to […]

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