Mitov Studio


UniCredit Fleet Management

Explainer video for one of UniCredit’s business services March 2022 Overview Motion graphic presenting UniCredit’s Fleet Management service and its benefits. Design System We used for reference a complete graphic from UniCredit’s website and made the additional graphics for the video in the same style Storyboard After we completed […]

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House of Lidl Motion

I had the opportunity to be a part of Lidl’s YouTube series – House of Lidl November 2021 Watch on YouTube Overview I was a part of the team that created the video series for Lidl, doing the motion graphics. The two videos are some frame-by-frame animations I did […]

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David Guetta & Boro Purvi

Some motion graphics for a music video with Boro Purvi December 2021 Overview I collaborated on the motion graphics for the video, most of which were later replaced with branded elements Lyric Video We also made a lyric video that was projected on the background while filming.

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Boro Purvi Stickers

Stickers for the latest Boro Purvi special edition album August 2021 Overview The stickers are included exclusively through the limited-edition box of “Песни с хора дет ме кефят”. The art style is similar to the cover arts, but more stylized and the simple animations are made for marketing. Review

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Handplayed Instagram Posts

A couple motion posts I made for Handplayed’s Instagram August 2021 The Making @handplayed Another quick #handplayed #behindthescenes as we take you through the #process of creating our drop #motiongraphic 🔹#handplayedproductions #bts #videoproduction #animation #motiongraphics #postproduction #creative ♬ Aesthetic Girl – Yusei @handplayed As a special treat, we're also […]

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Animators Survival Kit

Animation practice after completing The Animators Survival Kit by Richard Williams March 2021 Overview I learned the fundamentals of animating, that are both relevant for frame-by-frame animation and motion graphics. The timing, spacing, anticipation, adding weight to the objects, as well as things that I have never done before (blows […]

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