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Character Animation

Questo Character Animations

Character Animations and Poster Designs for real-life city exploration games January 2023×5-1.mp4×5-1.mp4×5-1.mp4×5-1.mp4×5-1.mp4×5-1.mp4×5-1.mp4×5-1.mp4×5-1.mp4 Posters We have also printed the non-animated versions as posters and flyers, for the local coffee shops at each quest’s location.

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Дръж ми Шапката Promo

A promo video for a board game we did from scratch. August 2022 Overview This is the kind of project we love – one we start from scratch. With only a brief to work with and creative freedom to develop a script, convey a message, or tell a story through […]

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TBI Buy – Merchants Cabinet

Motion graphic that explains the competitive features of a commerce app December 2021 Full Project on Behance Overview We were given the task to create an engaging motion graphic which showcases TiBuy’s features in an approachable way – each of them was to be represented with a custom character. The […]

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Animators Survival Kit

Animation practice after completing The Animators Survival Kit by Richard Williams March 2021 Overview I learned the fundamentals of animating, that are both relevant for frame-by-frame animation and motion graphics. The timing, spacing, anticipation, adding weight to the objects, as well as things that I have never done before (blows […]

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Easier Explainer Video

Explainer video for a freelance platform September 2020 Overview Motion graphic used to advertise a freelance platform and explaining its key advantages. The goal is to attract more potential users and boost the brand awareness. Storyboard The video shows a way to earn money with a unique business strategy.

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