Mitov Studio

TBI Buy – Merchants Cabinet

Motion graphic that explains the competitive features of a commerce app

December 2021


We were given the task to create an engaging motion graphic which showcases TiBuy’s features in an approachable way – each of them was to be represented with a custom character.

The Design & Animation

After having the characters approved on the first take, we created the initial design of the target customer. From there, we moved on to creating the scenes. For them, we picked out appropriate stock assets and incorporated the brand’s colors and fonts. Finally, we made the animations and worked on the lip sync.
TBI Buy - Merchants Cabinet Characters
TBI Buy - Merchants Cabinet
TBI Buy - Merchants Cabinet Main Character
TBI Buy - Merchants Cabinet Scene

Sketches & Composition

We made a quick storyboard based on the script and started sketching out the main characters.
TBI Buy - Merchants Timelapse
TBI Buy - Merchants Sketch
TBI Buy - Merchants Storyboard