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I am a visual artist and a designer with experience in multiple industries, building brand strategies, websites, graphics, illustrations and animations for small businesses and their products.
Visual Identity, Branding, Web, Illustration & Product Design

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We work with businesses on their or their products’ branding and visual identity. We are collaborating with a lot of agencies and other studios on large-scale projects as well.

What we do, and how

It's everything you need for your online brand

Branding & Identity

We work on your branding who is your perfect customer, what’s unique about your business, your story and more… It may sound intimidating at first, but that’s the best part.
We create your brand design – your branding visualized for the public to see.
We create the memorable color palette that instantly sparks a thought about you. Combined with premium typography and custom graphics, your brand comes to life.
But that’s just the beginning of the design, we also work with elements from real life – lighting, depth, materials, texture. We add even more visual distinction between you and the rest.
Branding & Visual Identity Illustration

Web Experience

The website starts with a purpose. Will it sell products, or just give information about your business?
When we know exactly what the goal for your viewers is, we make it so that your user has the best possible experience achieving it.
We start the design with simple wireframe and then build on it. After the fundamentals are done, we apply the branding design & illustrations. Everything is tailor-made – No templates are used.
After the design is created, we develop the site using WordPress or React, depending on what your needs are, including essential SEO optimization.

Graphics & Motion

We make motion graphics, vector and hand-drawn illustrations to make your brand truly unique.
It will be easily recognizable and more attention-grabbing, so your users have a better experience with your brand.
We create marketing materials and ads, as well as explainer videos that rely heavily on motion graphics and illustration.
Graphics & Motion Illustration
Product Design Illustration

Product Design

We use various art styles, depending on your perfect client, to create beautiful packaging, illustrations and designs for your product, no matter what it is.
We have made custom artworks for blankets, holiday cards, stickers and even books, that are all selling like cupcakes.

A word from our clients...

Cash Casas | Ryan Abrahams

Working with Alex was a pleasure! He designed and developed a responsive website for my real estate business, and I’m very happy with the outcome. Creative, communicative, and reliable are three words I’d use to best describe Alex and his work. He kept me in the loop during the entire process, and his illustrations are awesome! If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, I highly suggest Mitov Studio!”

Stax | Narendran

Needed some animated graphics for our website. Alex did a great job, and made all revisions requested without any issues. It took longer than expected, but it was well worth the quality!
Exactly what I wanted! Second time working with Alex – he did an amazing job. Asking him for a third job right now!
Beautiful!!! Exactly what I wanted, quick response, and will definitely work with again! (This is my 3rd gig from Alex!)

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Boro Purvi Stickers
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Handplayed Instagram Posts
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