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Дръж ми Шапката Promo

A promo video for a board game we did from scratch.

August 2022


This is the kind of project we love – one we start from scratch. With only a brief to work with and creative freedom to develop a script, convey a message, or tell a story through animation, it’s hard not to have fun and feel grateful. Thanks to Nastola who were always giving us detailed feedback, making it easy for us to deliver the results they were looking for and trusting us with our ideas.

Дръж ми шапката is a game as old as time. You might have heard of it as “Time’s up”, “A pot” , or “Associations”. Three rounds of fun and mega cool cards for the whole family with unique Bulgarian words.

Script & Storyboard

The animation was written and voiced by Tsvetoslav Tsonev (Tsuro)
Druj mi Shapkata Promo Storyboard 1
Druj mi Shapkata Promo Storyboard 2
Druj mi Shapkata Promo Storyboard 3
Druj mi Shapkata Promo Storyboard 4

Illustration & Design

We used the same stock illustrations that Nastolna used for the game cards and package – to achieve consistency. I also illustrated some additional characters
Druj mi Shapkata Promo Scene 1
Druj mi Shapkata Promo Scene 2

Character Rigs

There are 6 character rigs, each with multiple scenes. Mostly animated with joysticks and sliders.


“We did a great job together, and the communication was excellent and dynamic.” – Miroslav Garigov, CEO

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