Mitov Studio

Branding & Identity

Personal Brand (2022)

2021 update of my personal branding and a 2022 refresh of the website and visual identity May 2022 Overview & Motivation The brand shifted from offering just websites and illustrations, to delivering complete visual identity of brands and products, and helping them with their branding. Branding We communicate our branding […]

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Atelieto Branding

Web Design and Branding for a local sewing services business April 2020 View Website (Web) Certificate Overview Atelieto is a local sewing business that offers services mainly for men’s fashion. The Goal & Motivation Our goal – increasing the revenue of the business. It can be tough for local brands to […]

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RyWillBuy Brand

Brand character for RyWillBuy – a rebrand of CashCasas February 2019 View Website (Local) View Website (Web) Overview Rebrand of Cash Casas – a real estate brand that buys properties

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Cash Casas Branding

Branding and web design for a real estate company that buys properties October 2018 View Website (Local) Overview Cash Casas help distressed homeowners who are looking to sell for a number of reasons. The Goal & Motivation We are making an online brand to increase the business’ visibility and increase […]

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Personal Brand (2018)

2018 update of my personal branding and website July 2018 View Website (Local) Overview An update of my personal branding. I have refreshed the design system, using the same light gold and royal blue colors.The brand update marked the point at which I was confident enough to start offering paid […]

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Personal Brand (2017)

Initial personal branding and website design December 2017 View Website (Local) Overview My first personal branding for offering design services. The website is showing the services I’m offering with a portfolio and a store. The Goal & Motivation The motivation was to finally start doing what I always loved professionally. […]

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