Mitov Studio


Personal Brand (2022)

2021 update of my personal branding and a 2022 refresh of the website and visual identity May 2022 Overview & Motivation The brand shifted from offering just websites and illustrations, to delivering complete visual identity of brands and products, and helping them with their branding. Branding We communicate our branding […]

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Atelieto Branding

Web Design and Branding for a local sewing services business April 2020 View Website (Web) Certificate Overview Atelieto is a local sewing business that offers services mainly for men’s¬†fashion. The Goal & Motivation Our goal – increasing the revenue of the business. It can be tough for local brands to […]

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Personal Brand (2018)

2018 update of my personal branding and website July 2018 View Website (Local) Overview An update of my personal branding. I have refreshed the design system, using the same light gold and royal blue colors.The brand update marked the point at which I was confident enough to start offering paid […]

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