Mitov Studio

Personal Brand (2022)

2021 update of my personal branding and a 2022 refresh of the website and visual identity

May 2022

Overview & Motivation

The brand shifted from offering just websites and illustrations, to delivering complete visual identity of brands and products, and helping them with their branding.
Personal Brand (2021) Cover


We communicate our branding through our projects and case studies and our website copy, which is the key point for our audience.

What we do

We improve communication for businesses; We improve the interactions between businesses and their clients; We building brand strategies; We develop websites; We design graphics; We draw illustrations; We create animations

Why we do it

We believe that brands have the power to improve people’s lives in a lot of positive ways. We want to help them do so with the best visual communication they can have with their audience, so both sides can have an awesome experience with each other.

How we do it

We have built productivity systems and workflows that allow us to work fast and efficiently with clients and create what’s needed with all the attention they can get

Who is our audience

We work with businesses on their or their products’ branding and visual identity. We are collaborating with a lot of agencies and other studios on large-scale projects as well.

Who are we

We are an open minded studio based in Sofia, Bulgaria – working with businesses from the whole world.

Where are we

We are working with businesses from the whole world, including Florida, Toronto, Munich, London, Dubai, Sydney and Sofia.

Our Story

We are constantly improving to meet our audience’s needs. The most valuable thing is the connection we build with the people we work with. We strive for them to have the best possible experience with us and receive exactly what they need as a result. We have countless of priceless stories alongside every project.

Our Values

Constant Improvement, Genuineness, Leadership, Bringing Value, Communication

Brand Personality

Bold, Creative, Modern, Professional, Ambitious

Workflow & Process

I made a complete overhaul of the processes and systems I used and created an easily manageable workflow that helps me do my work as fast as possible, without any additional stress. The site became a platform for my brand – I no longer rely on social medias to be able to do my work.

Visual Identity

Our main elements are glows, stars and neon lights. We use a bold premium font throughout our brand alongside unique neon colors.
Personal Brand (2021) Design System
Personal Brand (2021) Graphics

Illustrations & Icons

We use simple, a bit abstract illustrations to visualize what we do, alongside icons for each category.

Branding & Visual Identity Illustration
Graphics & Motion Illustration
Product Design Illustration
Personal Brand (2021) Icons


The design is completely refreshed. The colors have higher contrasts, the graphics are more vivid and the overall style is supported by the visual identity.
The home page communicates what we do and how we do it, and has on a glance some of our reviews, projects and social media accounts. In the Studio page, we have more information about who we are, what services we offer and our gear and tools. Our complete portfolio lives in the Work page, where we have case studies for our bigger projects (like this one), or just some cool designs we have made. And lastly, we have the Contact page for… contact.
Mitov Studio Brand Website Home Cover
Mitov Studio Brand Website Home
Mitov Studio Brand Website Studio
Mitov Studio Brand Website Work
Mitov Studio Brand Website Contact


The site was made with WordPress & Elementor and is hosted on our personal server. Every project and page is made with SEO in mind
Personal Brand (2021) Setup