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Atelieto Branding

Web Design and Branding for a local sewing services business

April 2020


Atelieto is a local sewing business that offers services mainly for men’s fashion.

The Goal & Motivation

Our goal – increasing the revenue of the business. It can be tough for local brands to be profitable, so we focused on targeting a specific niche that is not saturated, yet highly on demand.
Atelieto Branding Storyboard


Atelieto is a sewing business that offers services accenting on men’s fashion

What we do

We design and sew clothes; We make corrections on clothing; We create clothing collections; We create memories; We bring confidence;

Why we do it

We believe that the outfit is an essential way to express your character. We love seeing people who represent themselves with their appearance.

How we do it

From researching the market, we have concluded that the most efficient way to reach our audience is through organic search engine results. We are currently ranked in the top 3 places on Google in our priority keywords and are getting progressively more and more conversions. We are also relatively active on social media (Facebook and Instagram), where we post our products as portfolio.

Who is our audience

We are targeting primary men in our city. The local market is extremely saturated with the same services for women’s clothing, but lacking for men’s. We are working with brands who want to make a clothing collection, graduates who need prom outfits, sportsmen who want custom equipment and everyday people who want to make a correction on their piece of clothing.

Where are we

We are targeting only people from the same city. The market is large enough and is extremely convenient for clients who want to pick up their clothes by themselves.

Our Story

Behind every piece of clothing we make, there’s a real person that has their own unique experience with it. For every prom outfit we design, every cosplay we create, there will be tons of memories following them. We love hearing the stories of the people we work with. We love being a part of the memories that will last forever.

Our Values

Reliability, Efficiency, Honesty, Responsibility

Brand Personality

Fresh, Clean, Friendly, Sincere, Confident

User Experience

The site is a service catalog. Its purpose is to describe and show the services that the company offers and ultimately convert the viewers into clients.
Atelieto Branding Wireframe

The Design

The branding highlights man fashion – from the royal blue brand color, to the logo elements. We also made a couple templates for social media posts, that are regularly uploaded to Facebook and Instagram.
Atelieto Branding Design System
Atelieto Branding Logo Design
Atelieto Branding Web Design

The Technology

The site is built on WordPress with Elementor
Atelieto Branding Prices
Atelieto Branding Social Media

The Result

In the last year we managed to get 2.03k clicks only from organic google searches. 722 were made during the last 3 months, marking a significant growth. Considering a launch during a pandemic and a niche local audience, the site conversation rate is considered a success.
Atelieto Review