Mitov Studio

Personal Brand (2017)

Initial personal branding and website design

December 2017

Alex Mitov Personal Brand Cover


My first personal branding for offering design services. The website is showing the services I’m offering with a portfolio and a store.

The Goal & Motivation

The motivation was to finally start doing what I always loved professionally.
Alex Mitov Personal Brand Branding Colors and Font

User Experience

The site is a one-pager that informs viewers of the services I’m offering. There is also a portfolio and a store section, both to improve the idea of the service.
The website is a one-pager with a premium design style. The main colors are light gold and royal blue.
Alex Mitov Personal Brand Web Design
Alex Mitov Personal Brand Logo


Icons for services and social media icons
Alex Mitov Personal Brand Icons


The site was build with vanilla HTML & CSS in VS Code
Alex Mitov Personal Site on Phone
Alex Mitov Personal Site on Tablet and Phone