Mitov Studio

Personal Brand (2018)

2018 update of my personal branding and website

July 2018

Personal Brand (2018)


An update of my personal branding. I have refreshed the design system, using the same light gold and royal blue colors.
The brand update marked the point at which I was confident enough to start offering paid services.

User Experience

The home page is conversion orientated, informing the viewers if they need the services I offer and how they can help their business. From there the users are guided through the portfolio and about pages. The sequence ends on the contact menu.
Personal Brand 2018 User Experience

Web Design

The design keeps the previous branding’s color scheme – royal blue and light gold.
Personal Brand 2018 Web Design
Personal Brand 2018 Branding
Personal Brand 2018 Making
Personal Brand 2018 Setup

Illustrations & Motion

The illustrations are mostly monotone to fit the aesthetic of the site.​​​​​​
Personal Brand 2018 Motion
Personal Brand 2018 Illustrations


The site was made with WordPress
Personal Brand 2018 Technology

The Results

Right after launching my site, I got my first clients and started making commercial projects.

The Making