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Handplayed Characters

Character designs I made for handplayed’s Instagram, in celebration of my first hp anniversary

June 2022


I was tasked to do 3 character designs for handplayed’s Instagram using their brand colors.

Mood board and References

I was aiming for a close look to the previous graphics I made for handplayed’s IG, but with a bit more character. The idea was to make something kinda trippy, less common and not so basic looking.

Handplayed Characters Mood Board


That’s where I came up with the designs, formed their figures and made the composition of all three. I tried to make all 3 characters to have different expressions and poses with an interesting background with fantasy vibes.

Handplayed Characters Sketches


Everything in the final export is a vector graphic, with the exception of the smoke image on top.

Handplayed Characters Illustration

Motion and Compositing

I played a lot with different effects and finally completed it with sound. The characters have a basic rig to move the face head and arms.

Handplayed Characters Before Effects
Handplayed Characters After Effects
Handplayed Characters