Mitov Studio

Vocabulary App

Digital notebook app for foreign words

September 2020


Web-based vocabulary notebook that allows you to organize words in foreign languages by categories and types, add their translation and an example sentence. Simple and without any distractions.
Vocabulary App UI
Vocabulary App UI

The Goal & Motivation

We are making a simple but modern digital notebook, that can contain all your foreign words, without any additional noise.
We are making it a web application because it’s most versatile. You can write in your words on your laptop and just check them on your phone later. As our target audience is young people and students, our app must work on everything, from ChromeBooks to MacBooks.
Vocabulary App

The User Experience

Our features are very focused. We strive for the best experience for a digital notebook – simple and not cluttered. The focus are the words. We made it as easy as possible to write down words in their category and then learn them.
Vocabulary App Motion Graphics

Design System & Icons

Vocabulary App Design System
Vocabulary App Icons
Vocabulary App Design System


The front-end is written on JavaScript with ReactJS. It is designed to work on every modern device.