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McDynamic Website

Website and rebrand for a plastic injection molding and toolmaking business

December 2020

McDynamic Website


McDynamic does plastic injection molding and toolmaking in China. Their customers have been using their in-depth know-how to design and create injection molds. 

The Goal & Motivation

We are doing an overall brand refresh with new design and a new web experience. The goal is to increase the business’ sales and spark more life to the brand.
McDynamic Website Update

User Experience

The site is a one pager with a linear progression. Its purpose is to describe and show the services that the company offers and ultimately convert the viewers into clients.
McDynamic Website Layout

The Design

Our main color is a similar blue to the previous one, but brighter and more saturated. A new orange color is added as an accent color, so the brand has more character to it. The paragraphs are a bigger, so the texts have better readability on all types of screens. The overall style is industrial, yet customer friendly.
McDynamic Website Design System
McDynamic Website Design

Illustrations & Graphics

The site is mostly photos oriented. The images are mostly examples of the service the company is offering on a smooth dark background.
McDynamic Website Icons


“He is a rock star in providing the service! Many thanks and we will continue to work on other projects!”