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Lavender Town, Pokemon

Lavender Town from Pokemon – illustrations of the environment and characters

July 2018

Lavender Town, Pokemon


The illustration is inspired by Lavender Town – known for ghost sightings in the Pokémon Tower and as the main gravesite of Pokémon.
Lavender Town Fuji Gang
Lavender Town Poke Buildings


In the center of the illustration is the main building – the Pokémon Tower. There is a character for every floor of the tower. Each one placed on or near the floor where it’s found in the game. On the bottom are the usual houses found in the town.
Lavender Town Pokemon Tower
Lavender Town Poor Blue

The Design

The overall look is desaturated and foggy, to note the spooky atmosphere of the town and the main color is pale lavender.
Lavender Town Spooky Ghosts
Lavender Town Team Rocket