Mitov Studio

Gaming Logo Animation

A logo animation for a gaming company

July 2022


A play with geometrical shapes, colors and effects.

The logo animation resembles fractal art, but is a bit more simplified. The shapes of the logo icon transform and expand, to finally reach the logo’s final form. Fractals are associated a lot with computing, which involves video games, and nature, as these patterns are common in the wild. This concept fits perfectly the therapeutic theme.

Gaming Logo Animation


We will follow the brand style, which gives a rich choice of colors. Playing with different gradients and effects, as the logo animations flows, will result in a saturated and engaging animation that will fit perfectly in the games, videos, and your site.


The type can be animated as the icon animation completes. A simple and fast, but still interesting reveal would be enough, as the focus of the motion falls on the icon. The reference shows a fitting way to animate the logo type.

Gaming Logo Animation


Great example of work; Unique idea; Detailed and well written treatment; Nice visual approach

Gaming Logo Animation