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Custom Keycap

We designed a custom keycap

April 2022

Custom Keycap
Custom Keycap

Modeling and Print

We made a few 3D models with different approaches to see which one would work best. We chose to go with PETG plastic, as it’s similar to the commonly used PBT and overall better than ABS. After settling on the model, I made a simple illustration that we extruded and printed on the keycap. After multiple failed attempts, we finally had our gray little keycap.

Custom Keycap Socket
Custom Keycap Base


I cleaned the little one with a sandpaper, sprayed it with prime on two layers and sandpapered it again, so it’s completely smooth and nice to the touch. I painted the base in black enamel paint, that’s not even dissolvable by alcohol. After two layers of the base black, I took my finest brush and painted the extruded illustration in gold. As a final touch, I sprayed the keycap with a varnish so it can retain the color longer.

Custom Keycap Painting