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BirdFender Website

Ecommerce website offering products that protect boats from seagulls

February 2021


BirdFender offers boat protection from seagulls. We worked on their ecommerce platform on which they will sell their product to boat owners.

The Goal & Motivation

We made a fresh redesign of the site improving the user experience. We also switched the platform, decreasing the monthly cost for the site.

User Experience

The hero section instantly reveals what the site is about and who would need the product. The purpose of the site is selling products – the shop, so from every part of the site you can go to the product page. There are multiple languages and automatic currency conversion, as the site is international.
BirdFender Website

The Design

The brand colors are blues with a red accent and blueish gray on white background. It perfectly captures the sea environment and boat theme. Along with the custom graphics and images, the site becomes a fulfilling user journey.
BirdFender Website Design System
BirdFender Website Design


The site is mostly photos based, but there are some graphics related to boats and water.
BirdFender Website Graphics


The site is based on WordPress.